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5 Lighting Trends This 2022

Bold and often understated, lighting greatly affects how a home feels as much as how it lives. When the lighting in a space is considered, you can feel the warmth it brings to a room. But knowing exactly which to choose and how to arrange them can be quite overwhelming—which is why we want to let you in on the lighting trends this year.

Center of Attention

Go big or go home. We’re talking about dramatic, oversized fixtures – chandeliers, ceiling-mount fixtures, or pendants. Use lighting as a design focal point.

Art Deco

If you want sophistication but less of the glitz and glamour, go for art deco-style fixtures. Explore geometric shapes, sunburst motifs, stylized florals, and stepped forms.


Calming spaces usually feature some kind of natural texture or theme running through them. If you’re into gardens and plants, try going for fixtures with more natural materials and organic shapes. Say, a fixture adorned with leaves or florals to insert that natural element into any space.

Well-lit Outdoor

Yes, even the outdoors need light! Play with IG-trendy string lights or those LED path lights to bring color and fun to any outdoor space.

Layering Lights

No need to stick to just one kind! Rather than relying on one source of light, this year is about bringing back the look of layered lighting and multiple fixtures in a room. You can experiment with different types of lamps to create the right environment.

If you’re looking for help when it comes to putting up those lights and making sure there’s power, Switch Electric is the place to go! From installation to repair and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

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