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These Signs Will Tell You When You Need a Full House Rewiring

Electrical wiring is designed to last a lifetime. Many homeowners are not aware of the damages until something bad happens. As time goes by, electrical wiring breakdown reduces its use and risks your life and home. According to the US Fire Administration, there are about 24,000 fires responded due to home electrical problems. These incidents lead to 1050 injured people, 225 deaths, and worth $1.2 billion in property damage.

If you noticed an electrical problem, you may need to consider a full house rewiring. It is a good investment that increases its value and improves your safety. Here are some signs you need to upgrade.

  1. Old wiring – Is your house very old? This is a good chance to update electrical wiring. The old wiring can cause a fire. Let the expert assess your old wiring to provide the best recommendation to protect your property.

  2. Natural disaster – This occurrence can affect the wiring exposing a threat to your family. Call an electrician to assess for a full house rewiring after a natural disaster.

  3. Poor aluminum wiring condition – If your house is built in the ’90s, you might have aluminum wiring. Check if it’s still safe, otherwise, it’s time for rewiring. Aluminum is not safe when connected to switches, outlets, and other wires.

Home electrical wiring is an important part of your home. You need all those wirings to work properly to keep your loved ones and property safe. A full house rewiring leads to lower electricity bills and prevents fires.

Switch Electric can help you with electrical wiring. We provide professional services such as wiring inspection, and replacement, and provide the best step for your property. Contact us to upgrade your electrical wires.

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