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When to Schedule a Commercial Lighting Inspection?

Every business should have a light inspection regularly. Observing those bulbs for the possible cause of injury or even a fire is necessary. The emergency lights also need to be taken care of. Most of you may wonder how often the property should be inspected and how to schedule the service properly to accommodate any concerns and needs.

Watch Out for Emergency Lights

The emergency lights are usually the ones being inspected more every month. It’s important for these lights to have a certain amount of power to light enough and get everyone’s attention during an emergency. It is required to be tested once a month to ensure they are working well. Keeping all the lighting inspections recorded is important in case the authorities request them. Be assured that Switch Electric provides you with the complete report after the inspection.

When to Schedule

Now the question is, when is the best time to schedule a commercial lighting inspection? This kind of inspection requires the staff to climb and reach the lights for proper assessment. The best time is always in the morning before everyone else arrives at the property. The technicians will close fast to give you a go signal before the property officially opens for the day. You need to do this regularly, it’s the best way you can protect your business and investment. A periodic inspection with a professional is the best way to build a feasible business environment.

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